Members, Friends and Followers of the International Society of Blacks in Computing,

ISBIC’s mission is to, “increase the number of socially and culturally responsible and responsive computing professionals with the goal of making a positive impact in the community”.

As the Interim National Chair I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve as the first National Chair of what we hope will become the premier organization for Blacks in Computing. 2020 has proven to be a time of great turmoil but I firmly believe that from the chaos that has been the past year we have the opportunity to embark on what may become a rewarding enterprise for all in the Black computing diaspora.

In my role as the Interim National Chair my mission is to spearhead the development of the ISBIC from a foundational level; solidifying the organization at Clemson University and establishing a firm foundation from which the organization can grow into a united voice for Blacks in computing. Together with our student leadership and advisory board the goal is to develop a platform and community for Blacks in computing that will serve as both a repository of information as well as voice to affect positive change in the United States and beyond.

This year I call on you, whether you are a member of ISBIC or simply an interested follower of what we’re doing, to take affirmative steps to connect with other members of the growing ISBIC community. If we all make one new connection, we will quickly realize that we have formed a firm foundation for the ISBIC organization. There is strength in numbers and many of us who have the experience of being Black in computing have been isolated from one another for far too long.

I believe that 2020-2021 is an ideal time for us to lay the foundation for future growth while establishing networks that we all may leverage for career advancement, social support, and simply friendship. I look forward to meeting and working with you all as we collaborate to grow this amazing new organization.

Remember, the only constant is change, and in change we can take determined action.

Be well.

Julian Brinkley, Ph.D.
2020-2021 Interim National Chair
International Society of Blacks in Computing

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